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Information for Guests

Your child has been invited to a unique party presented by Fairy Godmother & Coterie. The birthday child has a limited number of guests to invite, so your earliest reply is appreciated. Please bear in mind that if no reply is received it will be assumed that your child is unable to attend and their name will be removed from the guest list.

  • We do not share, sell, or distribute email addresses or other personal information.

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If you are unable to submit via the form above, please provide the following information to rsvp@fairygodmotherandco.com or call (717) 292-7465:

  • Name of the Birthday Child
  • Date of the event
  • Name of the guest, noting any unusual spelling of their name
  • Dress and shoe size
  • Any known allergies or intolerances including food, make-up or glue.


We look forward to welcoming your child as a guest at one of our enchanting parties.

Thank You!

The Staff at Fairy Godmother & Coterie