Fairy Godmother & Coterie
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Glass Slipper Ball

This sweet princess party will have all young maidens believing in "Happily Ever After". The princesses will all receive a royal beauty treatment and put on the most gorgeous gowns from Fairy Godmother's private couture collection.

Happy Little Princesses

After the coronation ceremony the princesses will sip tea from lovely china tea cups.

From the custom invitations to the lovely decor, to the regal attention each guest will receive; this gala event is truly enchanting and even a little extravagant. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Glass Slipper Ball

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Package is subject to 6% sales tax

Package is for a party of 8 including the guest of honor.
Each additional guest is $20
(maximum 10 participant limit).

Recommended for ages 4-6

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